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We organize medical elective/internship or volunteering placements in following healthcare/medical projects in Nepal. Doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, medical students and medical specialists can join healthcare and medical projects in Nepal.

Rural Community Healthcare 

Medical Volunteer Nepal, Volunteer Nursing Nepal, Healthcare volunteer Nepal, Volunteer Physiotherapy Nepal, Medical Elective NepalAlmost 80% Nepal’s population reside in rural areas of Nepal.  In most of the rural areas of Nepal,  healthcare facilities are limited. Most of the rural health post provides primary healthcare because they lack equipment, qualified healthcare professionals and facilities. Normally, one health post in rural area cover 4,000 – 10,000 population.

Individuals and groups from around the world with medical/healthcare background are eligible to apply for this project. The program is  available from 2 weeks to 20 weeks duration and applications are accepted throughout the year.

Medical Elective (Open to university students) 

We offer  tailor-made medical elective placements in Nepal. Placements include nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, neurology, midwifery, pharmacy, medicine, neurology, surgery & more. All medical elective placements are designed for university students who wish to gain valuable medical experience in Nepal.

Medical students from around the world can join medical elective programs in Nepal. We accept applications throughout the year. Medical students can start the project on their suitable dates. The program is available from 2 weeks to 20 weeks duration.

As a medical elective, you will be supervised and mentored by local healthcare and medical professionals in hospital. Getting involved in medical elective placements will give you an opportunity to work in different environment, see different healthcare system and observe diseases and health conditions which are rare in western countries.

What we ensure for electives:

  1. A truly learning environment in hospital
  2. Opportunity to observe surgery
  3. Opportunity to get involved in multiple departments with prior request to coordinator
  4. Customized program according to need of your university/college
  5. 24/7 support for emergency
  6. A certificate of participation
  7. English-speaking supervisors

Medical Volunteer Placements (Open to professionals) 

This project is perfect for medical and healthcare professionals who completed university degree and have working experience in medical/healthcare field.

Volunteers will work alongside with Nepalese health professional in a Hospital.  We organize placements in Hospitals located in city areas. Volunteers will be able to join from 2 weeks to 5 months duration. We organize placements for doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals.

Medical Treks (Available only for groups) 

Are you a small group of medical professional? Lend your hand, skills and resources for disadvantaged people residing in rural communities who can not afford healthcare or who do not have better access to healthcare.

Medical Treks Project is designed for group of medical professionals willing to contribute their time and resources to provide health care services to the people living in rural areas of Nepal. We organize temporary health camp in rural communities of Nepal. International volunteer groups  will work alongside with Nepalese health professionals and Translators.

Nepal health system is more advanced compare to rural areas. There are very few health centers in rural areas with basic facilities. Health Centers in rural areas lacks specialization in any kind of medical treatments. Rural Health Posts only deals with nominal medical issues. If people wish to get medical or health care services, they have to go to large private hospital located in city area which is expensive for people from poor economic background. Most of the people in rural area, especially women and children live with various health related problems. So, Health Camp is important for people from poor economic background in Nepal. Health Camp provides an opportunity to get health care services from medical professionals at free of cost.

Why health camp is needed although there are already rural health post exists?

Yes, there are already rural health posts exists but there is lack of medicine, health care professionals and medical equipment. Most of the qualified healthcare professionals in Nepal are city centered and only those who have received basic training on healthcare works in rural health post. Medicine are also available but they do not cover all diseases and health situation.


For students:

  • Completed at least 2 semesters at university
  • Recommendation letter from university is compulsory

For professionals: 

  • Have completed university degree on medical/healthcare field with at least 1 years of working experience in healthcare/medical field
  • Documents required: Photocopies of educational qualifications, license, training (if any) and working experience

Why choose us: 

  • 24/7 support
  • Affordable fees 
  •  Dedicated support team in field: Our staffs are just one call away from you. If there are any problems you face, we will be quickly available to support you and make you feel comfortable with your placement.
  • Responsible Volunteering: We are responsible travel agency. We work hard to make your placement comfortable and enjoyable while keeping safety and quality in priority.

Booking Fee: 120 USD
Participation fees: Please contact us at info@srtnepal.com.

What is included: 

  1. Airport pick up
  2. 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu
  3. Language Class
  4. Transportation from Kathmandu to placement site
  5. Local pick ups and drop to host family and hospital ( all taxi fares included)
  6. Accommodations and meals ( with host family during placement)
  7. All fees associated with hospitals ( Equipment, supervision & guidance from professionals )
  8. Return transportation to Kathmandu from placement site
  9. Last night hotel accommodation in Kathmandu
  10. Airport drop
Fees does not cover: 
  1. Airfare
  2. Visa
  3. Insurance
  4. Meals during your time in Kathmandu (upon arrival and last night )
  5. Personal expenses

Please contact us at info@srtnepal.com, we will make your placement possible.